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Discover FLORA - Embrace the Beauty of Nature in Your Pocket!

🖤 A perfect gift for a loved one 

🎁 Personal and meaningful 

📦 Free shipping and returns

Enough with the wallet overload – it's like carrying a mini suitcase in your pocket! Say goodbye to the bulky madness and unleash the wallet that feels like pure magic. 

Meet FLORA, the wallet infused with the soulful embrace of oak wood. Its gentle touch reminds you of the sacred bond with nature, while personalized engravings carry the whispers of your heart.

Engrave your special coordinates, a meaningful date, or initials to create a unique keepsake that carries your memories close and also shows your loved one their meaning. Need inspiration? See here

Cradle it in your hand, and you'll feel the harmony of nature guiding your path. 

The bulging trouser pocket will remain in history from this moment on. FLORA is a wallet that resonates with the depths of your being. Today is the day that you unlock the gateway to meaningful simplicity.

  • Thin 9mm profile, weighs only 20g empty
  • Conveniently holds 1-12 cards without stretching out
  • Practical coin and key pocket
  • Gently finished high-quality and strong oak wood
  • We're sure you'll like it, but there's always a chance to return your wallet within 30 days!
  • Estonian design - handmade
  • Our wallets are strong and of high quality. To be sure, we also give your pocket a lifetime warranty. Read more detailed terms and conditions here
  • Delivery takes 2-3 business days.
  • You have questions or concerns? Feel free to write to us!
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